Are you concerned about your web development and design career? Not being able to convey your value to organizations? Are the websites and pages created by you bland and missing essential features?

Don't fret. This article is meant for enthusiastic web design and development professionals like you who want to deliver value to businesses and organizations via their skills of building perfect websites and web pages. Read through this article about the best visual composer alternative list and get to know precious insights that will help you stay competitive in your sector and move ahead of the curve!

Importance of Visual Composer and WPBakery

Both these plugins, namely, Visual Composer and WPBakery are superb tools in the arsenal of most web design and development professionals. Though I personally feel that these have become a little too cliched, yet, there are a lot of offerings that both these plugins provide to amateur as well as pro WordPress users.

Visual Composer will enable you to design a complete and fully functional website. On the other hand, WPBakery will ensure that custom content creation on specific webpages is done flawlessly.

While it is essential to have a basic experience of handling these plugins and accessing their functionalities, you could well look for a more advanced WPBakery Page Builder alternative or a Visual Composer alternative that makes your work a walk in the park!

Top 5 Visual Composer Alternatives

According to the trends posted by BuiltWith, Visual Composer has once been awarded as the most popular and the most loved WordPress Plugin in India. It also used to be the most popular on the entire internet in the WordPress plugins category. On the other hand, WPBakery was awarded as the 5th most popular WordPress plugin on the entire internet.

These statistics are definitely commanding, but what if you could do more?

In the following list, we will look at some of the most promising Visual Composer and WPBakery alternatives. These plugins will enable you to design superbly functional and feature-rich websites and also personalize the content creation on individual pages.

All in all, the following list will help you create a majestic online platform for your own business venture. You can also make yourself useful for the growth of startups, small businesses and even humongous organizations. Without much ado, let's dive deep in the world of some of the superlative WordPress Plugins.

1. Oxygen

Considered by market research experts as a superb Visual Composer alternative, Oxygen is a must-have for every WordPress professional on the block. The features it flaunts will enable you to create the best website designs within minutes.

Oxygen contains a seemingly endless library full of immersive web design elements and an exhaustive library of exciting contents. If you want to get a Visual Composer alternative that fulfils every intricacy of creating a brilliant website, then Oxygen is the perfect plugin that you need to boast in your arsenal.

Key Features:

  • Global color editing features
  • Drag and drop website builder functionality
  • Impeccable front-end designing features
  • Enables you to create pixel-perfect, responsive website designs
  • SEO and developer-friendly website design
  • WooCommerce Integration and Gutenberg Block Builder available
  • Flexible role manager

Oxygen offers a plethora of benefits and cutting-edge features when you are subscribing to its Basic, WooCommerce or Agency subscriptions. Of course, WooCommerce and Agency plans will offer you additional features that makes your job easy.

Click the following link to get a detailed overview of Oxygen:

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2. Elementor

According to a market research conducted by Blue Corona, 48% users emphasized on the website design to be a decisive factor for business credibility. If you are looking to up the ante, then Elementor is the perfect plugin for you!

Elementor provides a one-stop solution to all your web design and development woes. Considered by most web developers as one of the most essential plugins to have in your toolkit, Elementor helps you to create attractive layouts and superb website designs on the go!

Key Features:

  • Powerful and flexible visual design capabilities
  • Extendable and developer-friendly
  • Seamlessly integrates with various WordPress themes and plugins
  • A seemingly endless suite of widgets, pop-ups and templates

Elementor will not only give your website a brilliant makeover, but it will also reduce the website development time.

Head to the following link to know more.

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3. Divi

This incredible and advanced WP Plugin is considered to be a top WPBakery Page Builder alternative. With its advanced technology, Divi has become more than just a WordPress theme. Instead, it is a complete website and page builder solution that powers your ideas.

With its truly flawless performance, Divi's superior visual editor replaces the basic functionalities of a WordPress post editor. Helping you create superlative designs with ease and efficiency, Divi is a must-have tool for you.

Key Features:

  • Real-time visual editing
  • Custom CSS controls makes it developer-friendly
  • Immersive set of design elements
  • Plethora of global elements, styles and design settings
  • Truly responsive editing

Trusted by freelancers, agencies and website-owners, Divi is a truly brilliant plugin that offers you unlimited custom design settings along with saving and managing options.

Click the following link and explore Divi further:

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4. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder is a WPBakery alternative that enables you to unleash your creativity and build the most superfluous web pages in a jiffy! From Chris Lema to GoDaddy, Beaver Builder is a name that has got the goliaths of the industry amongst its appreciators.

Content creation and custom design of your web pages will be an effortless affair with Beaver Builder. Featuring dozens of cool features, this is the ultimate page builder and designer that every WordPress web design professional needs.

Key Features:

  • Precision editing and layout creation
  • Flexible and powerful theme
  • Gorgeous page templates
  • Get complete control over your on-page content

Featuring both Standard and Pro versions, the latter one helps you to unlock more facets from your Beaver Builder.

Click this link and get a thorough insight:

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5. LiveCanvas

If bootstrapping for your business is your hustle, then you need the power of LiveCanvas for the ultimate functionality and building the best web pages that give you better rankings on search engines. LiveCanvas is an efficient live code editor which creates clean and Bootstrap compliant HTML5 codes.

This WPBakery page builder alternative helps you create the best blocks or get inspired by the thousands that are already present in its suite. Advanced and responsive layouts help in creating mobile-friendly web pages on the go!

Key Features:

  • Complete and feather-light turnkey solution
  • Ultimate front-end functionalities
  • Developer friendly
  • Enables the use of individual shortcodes
  • Create customized blocks or use the built-in ones
  • A superb suite of animations and Unsplash stock photos

You can choose between the Pro and Lifetime subscription packages to do more with your LiveCanvas!

Click the following link to get relevant details:

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Closing Thoughts

It is time to show off your uniqueness as a WordPress website design and development professional. Thus, staying back on the archaic trends and plugins list will definitely be a stain on your portfolio. You need to revamp your skill sets, and what better way than to use the best Visual Composer and WPBakery alternatives on the block?

So, get set and godspeed!