This in-depth online course is your complete guide to building professional, superior, and high-converting websites using Astra & Elementor. It offers 8 hours of learning packed in 54 step-by-step video lessons recorded in Full HD.

Section 1 - Introduction

Sr. No.TitleAction
1.Welcome (5:56)Play Video
2.About Me and My Expectations From You (3:40)Play Video

Section 2 - Laying the Foundation

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1.Buying a Domain (9:15)Play Video
2.Buying Web Hosting (10:56)Play Video
3.EasyWP Dashboard Walkthrough (5:36)Play Video
4.Installing a Free SSL Certificate (9:31)Play Video
5.Setting Up a Custom Branded Email Address Using G Suite (14:30)Play Video
6.Setting Up a Custom Branded Email Address Using Zoho Mail (11:38)Play Video

Section 3 - Getting Started with WordPress

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1.Exploring the WordPress Admin Panel (6:30)Play Video
2.Post-Installation Tasks (7:26)Play Video

Section 4 - Installing and Configuring Astra

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1.Installing Astra Theme (3:23)Play Video
2.Creating and Uploading a Child Theme (6:57)Play Video
3.Installing Astra Pro (2:25)Play Video
4.Configuring Astra & Using the Theme Customizer (3:10)Play Video
5.Importing and Exporting Customizer Settings (3:29)Play Video

Section 5 - Installing Plugins

Sr. No.TitleAction
1.Elementor (2:39)Play Video
2.Duplicator Pro (4:46)Play Video
3.WP Mail SMTP (6:59)Play Video
4.Fluent Forms (2:20)Play Video
5.Ninja Tables (1:35)Play Video
6.Login No Captcha reCAPTCHA (Google) (2:43)Play Video
7.Insert Headers and Footers (1:29)Play Video
8.Yoast Duplicate Post (1:26)Play Video
9.Yoast SEO (1:20)Play Video

Section 6 - Website Development Bootcamp

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1.Introduction (3:59)Play Video
2.Setting the Logo and Favicon (10:14)Play Video
3.Creating Pages & Posts (7:26)Play Video
4.Configuring the Main Navigation Menu (4:27)Play Video
5.Configuring Astra Global Settings (11:45)Play Video
6.Designing the Header Using Astra Customizer Settings (17:19)Play Video
7.Elementor Basics (14:06)Play Video
8.Elementor Site Settings (4:39)Play Video
9.Designing the Footer Using Elementor (30:24)Play Video
10.Designing the Top Header Bar (12:16)Play Video
11.Designing the Sidebar Clarity Session Template (9:37)Play Video
12.Designing the Sidebar Money Back Guarantee Template (2:50)Play Video
13.Building the Home Page (Part 1) (31:48)Play Video
14.Building the Home Page (Part 2) (36:29)Play Video
15.Building the About Page (16:23)Play Video
16.Building the Curriculum Page (20:24)Play Video
17.Building the Contact Page (10:22)Play Video
18.Building the 1:1 Clarity Session Page (2:40)Play Video
19.Building the Privacy Policy Page (7:38)Play Video
20.Building the Terms of Service Page (2:11)Play Video
21.Creating the Blog Posts Archive Template (13:46)Play Video
22.Creating the Blog Post Category Template (4:42)Play Video
23.Creating the Single Blog Post Template (12:14)Play Video
24.Creating Contact Form (15:23)Play Video
25.Creating 1:1 Clarity Session Form (8:43)Play Video
26.Wrapping Up (9:09)Play Video

Section 7 - Deployment

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1.Configuring Yoast SEO Plugin (13:27)Play Video
2.Setting Up Google Search Console (7:05)Play Video
3.Setting Up Google Tag Manager (4:57)Play Video
4.Setting Up Google Analytics (7:42)Play Video

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