Since you are reading this article, I assume you already are a WordPress user and you know the importance of plugins. While developing a website, every WordPress developer makes use of plugins - both free and paid depending on the project's requirements.

People who are into WordPress website development as a career will find themselves making use of certain plugins on almost all websites that they make while there may be some plugins for specialized use cases that are not required on all websites.

Business wise, buying premium versions of the same plugin for different websites is not financially feasible for you. Moreover, not all of your clients would be flexible enough to buy premium versions of all plugins that you need.

Possessing premium licenses of the most popular plugins sets you apart from your competitors and helps you win customer's confidence and trust.

With thousands of plugins to choose from the WordPress Plugin Directory, it is quite an uphill task to know which one suits your business and your requirements best. If you too are visibly confused about the best WordPress Plugins that will deliver value to your profession, read this article till the end to gain some clarity.

Through my experience and expertise, I have curated an assortment with the best plugins for WordPress that will help you decide which plugins to use for your business.

If you want your WordPress site to perform superbly and beat all competition, this article about the must-have WordPress Plugins is ideal for you. Without much ado, let us dive deep in the wild and exciting world of the best WordPress plugins.

I have divided the list of recommended plugins into the following two segments:

Most Essential WordPress Plugins

It is an interesting fact that WordPress powers about 40% of all websites on the internet. Though there is rising competition from other CMSs, honestly, you can do virtually anything with WordPress after integrating some of the top WordPress plugins or by creating some of your own (which requires vast coding knowledge and experience).

WP plugins extend the fundamental functionalities of the basic WordPress sites and personalize it according to your unique requirements. While you will find free WordPress plugins that will transform your operations and businesses, most of the superlative features can only be unlocked when you subscribe to Premium or Enterprise versions of the same.

Quick fact - With over 55,000 WP plugins being present in the directory, the collective downloads earned is over a billion!

The following WordPress plugins list takes in consideration those plugins that you mandatorily require (based on my experience) for your web development profession or if you want your web development agency to stand out and beat the competition.

1. Oxygen

If you are looking for one of the best WordPress plugins that will transform your WordPress website designing into an effortless job, Oxygen is the best available option for you!

With a toolset that is full of exciting functionality, stunning web design elements and stuff, you will have utmost flexibility to design anything in a jiffy! Creating customized websites that have pixel-perfect, responsive design and superlative front-end functionalities has never been easier!

Key Features:

  • Offers SEO and developer-friendly site design
  • Drag and drop editing features
  • Global color editing features
  • WooCommerce Integration and Gutenberg Block Builder available

Oxygen is definitely one of the best plugins for WordPress that is committed to make your site development job hassle-free . The WooCommerce and Agency subscriptions have a bigger price tag but offer you tons of extra functionality compared to the Basic subscription.

Click the following link to view detailed features and pricing plans of Oxygen:

Explore Oxygen

2. Elementor

Trusted by more than 50 million WordPress developers who create beautiful WordPress websites, Elementor is one of the top WordPress Plugins that you need to keep handy!

Elementor features on the must-have WordPress plugins list of almost every developer because of its broad-spectrum solutions, advanced functionality, flexibility in visual design and seamless performance.

Key Features:

  • Powerful and flexible visual design capabilities
  • An unending library of widgets, pop-ups and templates
  • Smooth integration with other WordPress themes and plugins

Elementor is not a free WordPress plugin. Yes, it has a free version, but for advanced functionality, you to buy a paid plan.

Click the following button to know more about Elementor.

Explore Elementor

3. Fluent Forms

Fussing about the need to create the ideal contact forms for your website's incoming traffic? Don't fret anymore as Fluent Forms will make your job easier.

It is one of the essential WordPress plugins that lets you create the most immersive forms at the swish of a finger. With drag and drop functionality and the flexibility to use dynamic conditional logic, Fluent Forms plugin enables you to create custom forms without any effort!

Key Features:

  • Pre-built form templates
  • Drag-and-drop custom form builder
  • Supports multi-column form layout
  • Provides a wide array of input fields
  • Intuitive, easy and thoroughly responsive

Fluent Forms plugin allows you advanced email and payment integrations. It has various pricing plans and you can opt for one based on your needs. I was fortunate enough to grab its lifetime deal that supports unlimited websites for lifetime! It is important to mention that their support team is very responsive.

You will get a detailed idea once you head over to the following link:

Explore Fluent Forms

4. Ninja Tables

One of the fastest and distinct WP plugins, Ninja Tables enables you to create superior data tables in an instant. It is the best-selling plugin and the most straightforward way to create a custom WordPress table catering to any task.

Ninja Tables plugin enables you to access advanced functionality and features like adding colors and media to your tables and connecting Google Sheets. Drag-and-drop, data sorting, WooCommerce integration and a set of advanced customization features makes it one of the most desirable WordPress plugins.

Key Features:

  • Enables you to build WordPress tables without any coding experience
  • User-friendly layout and easy-to-use settings
  • Create, edit, customize and maintain tables without any hassle

Ninja Tables Pro version offers a range of affordable pricing plans. As with Fluent Forms, I hold a lifetime license for Ninja Tables Pro for unlimited websites.

Click the following link and read more about Ninja Tables:

Explore Ninja Tables

5. Max Mega Menu

The most diverse and exciting mega-menu plugin on the block, Max Mega Menu allows you to take control of your navigation and make it seamless and smooth for your site visitors.

Max Mega Menu is one of the free WordPress Plugins that you can employ to create superfluous navigation and customized menu for your website. But you can unlock advanced features once you subscribe to its premium version.

Key Features:

  • Superb control over menu item styling
  • Ease of adding interactive elements
  • Drag-and-drop editing features
  • Ease of use with existing theme menus

Click this link and get a detailed view of the Max Mega Menu plugin.

Explore Max Mega Menu

6. Smart Slider 3

Want to create customized sliders/blocks without any hassle? Smart Slider 3 is your one-stop solution to do the same!

Trusted by thousands of web professionals worldwide who want to give wings to their imagination, Smart Slider 3 is one of those must-have WordPress plugins that will help you build custom blocks, sliders, and carousel blurbs.

Key Features:

  • A versatile solution to build animated sliders, slideshows, carousel blurbs, blocks, etc.
  • Advanced image, script and SEO functionality
  • Integrate eye-catching animations with ease
  • Create customized visual styling and preferences
  • Endless possibilities with built-in templates
  • Support for dynamic data

Subscribing to its premium version will give you access to endless features and possibilities.

Visit the link below for more information:

Explore Smart Slider 3

7. Duplicator Pro

Are you concerned about your WordPress site migration? Is taking backups of your site troubling you? Shove all these worries with utmost ease by using an easy, fast and powerful solution in the form of Duplicator Pro.

Duplicator Pro is one of the best WordPress plugins that will transform your business, website usage and backing up functionality. With practically an unending number of cloud storage and API options, this plugin makes failure recovery elementary.

Key Features:

  • Simple and easy-to-use features
  • Allows creating pre-configured sites at multiple locations
  • Flawless support
  • Scheduled backups made easy
  • Superlative cloud backups

Duplicator Pro offers various pricing plans. You can unlock advanced functionality with one of its paid versions that suits your requirements.

Click the following link to know more about Duplicator Pro:

Explore Duplicator Pro

8. WP Rocket

Your website loading time could be a deciding factor for your business's online traffic and conversion rate. A study conducted by Infront Webworks finds that increasing your website loading speed will prevent loss of 7% possible conversions.

Fret not, as this WP plugin will enable you to speed up your website loading time in a few clicks! Without any coding, you can increase your website loading speed, and give a boost to your SEO and conversions once you include WP Rocket within the list of must-have WordPress plugins.

Key Features:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Superlative performance
  • Superb support
  • Flawless boost to SEO and conversions
  • Trusted by professionals worldwide

WP Rocket is a premium cache plugin and does not have any free version. However, there is a possibility of getting a refund if the plugin does not perform according to your expectations.

You can visit the following link and have a detailed look.

Explore WP Rocket

Other Top WordPress Plugins for Specialized Use Cases

While almost every WordPress plugin has its own functionality and will improve the desired elements of your website, there are few which are the must-haves for specialized use cases. Be it e-commerce functionality or affiliate marketing, content restriction or creating custom fields, there are several special tasks that you might often need your website to perform.

If you are a professional who is looking for some of the best WordPress plugins to perform some specific activity for your site, then take a look at my list. I have created an impeccable list of plugins that perform proactively in specialized use cases and taking a suitable pick will be a cakewalk for you!

1. AffiliateWP

If you are an affiliate marketing aficionado who needs a tailored WP plugin to simplify every facet of your program, then AffiliateWP is the ideal tool for you. This easy-to-use and reliable plugin will offer all the hacks that you need to grow your business, attract qualified leads and earn superior conversion stats.

AffiliateWP provides a one-stop affiliate marketing solution that provides a range of quick-fix, from basic to advanced. With affiliate and referral tracking integrated seamlessly into your website, you will feel on top of the world!

Key Features:

  • Advanced affiliate and referral tracking
  • Integrated payouts service
  • Real-time reporting with cutting-edge data analytics
  • Easy setup
  • Painless affiliate management
  • Automatic affiliate creation with unlimited affiliates

AffiliateWP provides premium professional and official add-ons as part of its paid packages.

Head over to this link to know more:

Explore AffiliateWP

2. Easy Digital Downloads

Want to sell digital products on the go? Easy Digital Downloads makes this activity a walk in the park. With its state-of-the-art design, this is one of the best WordPress plugins that you can employ to sell any digital product like ebooks to audio files to WP plugins online.

Easy Digital Downloads is integrated with discount codes, data reporting, file access control, customer account page, shopping cart and several other features that make it a coveted plugin for every online seller.

Key Features:

  • Several integration and extensions possible
  • Detailed data reporting
  • Superlative data and download tracking
  • Customer account page
  • Unlimited downloads and file access control
  • Shopping cart and discount codes

There are various pricing plans for Easy Digital Downloads - Personal Pass, Extended Pass, Professional Pass, and All Access Pass.

Click the following link and get a detailed overview:

Explore Easy Digital Downloads

3. Restrict Content Pro

If you think that your unique content needs to be secured from online vultures, then this WP plugin is curated to meet your demands. Restrict Content Pro gives you control over who you want to give access to your exclusive content.

A robust membership solution for WordPress, Restrict Content Pro is a user-friendly plugin that enables you to do a lot more. From simple setup, member email and management integrations, unlimited subscription packages and holistic support, Restrict Content Pro has been designed to meet all your business needs.

Key Features:

  • Hassle-free user data import
  • Simple setup
  • Simplified member management and email integration
  • Discount codes
  • Built-in integrations and extensions
  • Lock your exclusive content

With unlimited sites, official free add-ons and email support, the annual pricing plan of Restrict Content Pro is quite justified.

Click the following link and get going.

Explore Restrict Content Pro

4. Amelia

Want to schedule appointments, bookings and events? You lack the interest to invest in assistants? Amelia will do all of the above for you and more.

Finally, one of the must-have WordPress plugins that helps you schedule, organize and plan better. From Smashing Magazine to HubSpot to other brands of global repute, people put their trust in Amelia. Want to revamp the getup of your business? Want to achieve a more professional outlook? You can entrust your faith in Amelia.

Key Features:

  • Easy setup and use
  • Step-by-step Booking Wizard
  • Insightful admin dashboard
  • Custom design
  • Booking widgets

You need to buy Amelia to unlock its myriad of essential features.

Click on this link to know more:

Explore Amelia

5. Advanced Custom Fields Pro

If content editing and customizing various fields on your WordPress site is occupying the majority of your concerns, then this plugin is meant for you. Advanced Custom Fields Pro is one of those essential WordPress plugins that will help you seamlessly integrate a lot of tasks - from controlling your WordPress edit screens to customizing field data.

More than 1 million websites worldwide use the Advanced Custom Fields to get their jobs done and are quite satisfied with it. Now you can add, customize and display fields anywhere in your WP edit screens with just a few clicks.

Key Features:

  • Simple and intuitive design
  • Easy API integration
  • Ideal for developers
  • In-built field types and endless user generated fields
  • Extensive support and assistance

The pricing varies based on the types of subscriptions - Personal, Freelancer, and Agency.

Click on this link and get a thorough insight into the same:

Explore Advanced Custom Fields

Closing Thoughts

At the time of writing this article, real-time WordPress activity data corroborated by Kinsta finds more than 400 million people browsing 20 billion WordPress pages monthly. Thus, WordPress is a powerful and one of the most essential software tools that is defining the prospects of businesses worldwide.

With a range of plugins that can do miracles for your business and provide personalized experience according to your needs, this article is created to help you navigate the world of plugins that will empower you to make changes to your CMS without burning holes in your pocket!