Pinto Rosario Square Resort and Spa is a villa resort in North Goa. I stayed there for 2 nights with my friends in the second half of March, 2018. Before I get into the details, let me mention that the overall experience was bad. Please read on for a detailed Pinto Rosario Square Resort and Spa review. The review has details about the property, its food quality and the surroundings.

Location of Pinto Rosario Square Resort and Spa

Pinto Rosario Square Resort and Spa is located in a very remote village of North Goa. It is quite far from the main tourist spots. We had a self-driven Mahindra Scorpio with us which was the reason that we could even reach the resort in a couple of hours. If you don’t get a self-driven cab, you will spend half a day reaching there by bus. Beaches are quite far from the resort. If you are visiting Goa to relax in a villa in a calm and peaceful place, this resort will suit you. However, like most people, our group went to Goa to have a thrilling vacation. With fun on the beach, adventure activities, pubs and discotheques on our mind, we didn’t really like this resort. Pinto Rosario Square Resort and Spa is definitely not the place to be in if you are planning such a trip to Goa.

Description of the Property

Pinto Rosario Square Resort and Spa is actually a residential property. There are houses and other restaurants within the bounds of the property. We even found a carpenter shop close to the reception area. Some of the villas have been sold to people who reside there permanently. The villas themselves are luxurious and very nicely built. There is no question about the beauty of the villas themselves. But we, as youngsters, visit Goa to have some fun and not restrict ourselves within a villa. Right? Therefore, if you keep aside the beauty of the villas, the overall worth of the property for somebody on a vacation was zero. Before leaving for Goa, we saw a beautiful video of this property on YouTube during our hotel search. The video was shot using a drone in the dark. We were amazed by its beauty and ultimately ended up booking 4 rooms for 2 nights. However, the actual experience was far from what we expected.

Inside the Property

Food Quality at Pinto Rosario Square Resort and Spa

The package that we booked included buffet breakfast. I must say that the food quality was pathetic. The buffet lacked variety and taste. On the second day, we were served the same items as the first day. Buffet included boiled eggs, bread-jam, upma, a tasteless parantha, tea and watermelon juice. None of the items tasted good and we had to leave with an empty stomach on both days. Since we had a poor experience during the breakfast, we did not eat lunch or dinner there. There actually is another private restaurant inside the property called P2S restaurant. Food quality there was amazing. People were friendly and cooperative. But, the food quality of the resort itself was not satisfactory.

Pinto Rosario Square Resort and Spa Buffet

Behaviour of the Staff

The staff treats you as if you were a thief. During the check out, they check the bedsheets, curtains, pillow covers and towels for any stains. In case there is any stain, you have to pay for it. We, as responsible travelers, did not like this sort of an attitude.


The overall experience of staying at Pinto Rosario Square Resort and Spa was poor. I would not recommend anyone to book this property. The only reason this property can be a happy place for someone is if the person is looking for a quiet place far from the city. A better option in the same budget is The Byke Old Anchor Beach Resort in South Goa.

If you've stayed in this property, please tell me about your experiences in the Comments section below.