Gas Shegadi – Description, Uses and Benefits

gas shegadi

Gas Shegadi, I know the name might sound a bit odd, but we need to be positive here. Why do I say that? Well, look around yourself. Pollution everywhere people are crying daily over the increasing cost of LPG and the piped gas is still a distant dream for most of the places in the country.

You might be wondering what is the narrative here. The narrative is simple – we all have to work out a sustainable cooking fuel solution which would not pollute the environment and would provide us with a cheap instrument to cook our food on. That’s where the Gas Shegadi comes into the picture. It is your regular Shegadi with a small twist. It runs on gas, electricity, and wood. The technology is purely indigenous and guarantees the least amount of smoke.

Now I am pretty sure that this product would not find much fanfare in the urban setting. We have piped gas here and it’s clean and cheap. But what about the rural folks? They need some solution to the smokey ovens. Don’t they? Well, that’s where this product is targeted at. It is a great product for rural India and promises easy cooking of food for up to 50 people.

That does not actually imply that it cannot be used in an urban setting. I have used it in my home and don’t know why but the food cooked on this feels like heaven. Just try it and you might fall in love with it.

Gas Shegadi – Description, Uses and Benefits
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